Do you think you can’t reduce the costs of small business travel? Do you think only big companies do it? So you are wrong, studies have shown that the rate of spending by small companies on travel is greater than the rate of spending of large companies, because of the lack of small companies to a simplified system of travel expenses, travel is the best way for companies, specially small companies to get new customers and investors, so we find Large companies are well equipped to travel. They have a clear travel system and sufficient money to support their employees while traveling. So if you want to reduce the costs of small business travel in a few simple steps, follow these steps:

Reducing air travel costs:

1. Select your trip first:

If you can set the dates of travel large time will save hundreds of dollars of expenses, so visit the sites of booking airline tickets and get to know their prices and choose the date that you think is suitable for you after you find some cheap flights.
For example:
After you find the cheapest flights that aren’t expensive for you and have known all the dates, contact the person or customer or company you have an appointment with them and clarify the appropriate dates for you based on the cheapest dates of the trips you have collected in advance.

2. One bag is enough:

Don’t carry many and many bags because you will have plenty of time and money to pay for the luggage, for example, an airline that allows you to carry a bag of 22 x 14 inches and a personal bag without paying extra fees.

3. Check airline agents:

Airlines often don’t provide or explain the number of tickets available to them, so you can hire travel agents and airlines to know if there are places available or not, they have their own communication means.

4. Try the cheap airlines:

There are many of the most popular airline companies in the United States and are in constant prosperity because they are cheap for most of the airline companies represented by Spirit Airline. In addition, these companies provide you with a better luggage carrying space as they allow you to carry a bag up to 18 x 14 inches. And I think this is enough for you in small business travel.

5. Rent your car

If you are driving free parking for you there are plenty of services that provide you with this service like Flytkar, they rent your cars to others who say: "On average for a 5-day trip, members save $ 100 in parking fees and make $ 30 in rental income."

6. Use of e-mail alerts:

Air tickets are usually offered much less than inside companies via e-mail offers. This will certainly save you a lot of money if you can get a good offer, especially if it is a return trip.

Reduction of land travel costs:

1. Try car rental:

There are land travel sites that offer you many offers and offer prices, so compare these prices with air travel and choose the cheapest for you, then check the car hire available and separately from each company.

2. Use a credit card:

If you have a credit card that provides insurance on car rental, use it to pay and then your rent, because you will save an average of $ 20 per day to cover the cost of insurance on car rental.

3. Don’t pre-pay for gas

Usually car rental companies provide you with many options when you return their cars and are refilling the gas in full and this is a very large amount per gallon, or pay for the gas that you used during the rental of the car, or the best way is to fill the tank before time A short drive back, this will save you a lot of money

4. Use Uber:

Many users have found that the use of ready-made cars like Uber is often cheaper than regular cars, so we recommend trying Ober and check the usage costs and compare them with the regular car rental service for the cheapest choice between them.

5. Free hotel transfer service:

Make sure that the hotel you choose offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport. You can pay $ 35 or more if you book your taxi directly, while you can pay $ 25 or more for a room with a free shuttle service from and to the airport.

Reduction of hotel reservation costs:

1. Start from the Internet:

Have you tried searching for a hotel in addition to your destination name before? , Maybe much cheaper, many Internet sites provide you with hotels at prices that are suitable for you if you specify your destination.

2. Try the coupon site: offers printable vouchers for many different hotels just enter the postal code of your destination and you will see the best ones, usually, coupon deals are the best and cheapest always.

3. Highway Coupons:

So far, many hotels still publish discount vouchers for travelers in discount books at gas stations on major highways, so look for them during each stop and then check their availability online to see if they are acceptable or not.

4. Price War:

You can try the price war by canceling the hotel reservations without any fees before your arrival 24 or 48 hours, and then after a short time to inquire about the price after that often you will find it decreased and sometimes not less.

Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce the costs of small business travel. Don’t forget that this isn’t the competition between companies, gas prices and economic conditions is a key element in price fixing, so this isn’t everything to reduce the costs of small business travel, so continue to see the prices always and compare them to get the most suitable for you and your company.

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