If you are planning a business trip or vacation, it is difficult for you to find a place that offers you comfort, safety and at the same time economical. If you search through the internet you will find many and many hotel credit cards that provide the owner with free nights or many points can be traded in many brands or added to airlines for the best price.

According to studies conducted by the travel research company focus rite in March last year, in 2010, 8% of travelers in the United States rented a private house or private apartment during this period, which rose to 25% in 2014 and is expected by 2020 will increase this figure to 50%.

Therefore, hotel companies in an attempt to secure their market share and to try to motivate the new generation to stay in their hotels have provided advantages for that generation, such as hotel credit cards, earning points for travel abroad and so of incentives, and found that the new generation is interested in the system of earning points and bonuses more Of the previous generation by 80%. This is precisely why hotel companies are motivating travelers on hotel credit card programs and providing many privileges for this type of card such as upgrading a free room, using the hotel's own club or exchanging points with others.

Credit cards the hotel is not very different from the traditional bonus cards, in every time you use them, the points will accumulate and you can use them in the privileges of each card.

We have found more than 200 credit cards, each with a variety of benefits depending on the country, different hotel and different card type, so we have extracted the top 5 hotel credit cards in the United States:

1. Starwood Preferred Guest from American Express

- Annual fee: $ 95 (without fees in the first year)
- Reward subscription: win 25,000 points if you spend $ 3000 in the first three months.
- Profit rate: 2 points on every dollar spent inside Starwood and 1 point for each dollar spent elsewhere.
- One of the best cards due to refunds through the Starwood Preferred Ghost Program.
- The possibility of using and transferring points within a variety of distinguished partners such as Marriott hotels.
- The possibility of using the reward of the subscription ($ 675) and turn it into a free night stay at the hotel.
- Provides you with the possibility to transfer points to more than 30 airlines and use them and you will get 5,000 miles reward per 20,000 points.
- This is in addition to the availability of the service of using the hotel's club and use the free Wi-Fi service inside the hotel for 4 devices in addition to entering the Sheraton Club when booking.

 2. Hilton Honors™ Surpass® from American Express

- Annual fee: $ 95 ($ 75 if you deliver the application before January 18, 2018)
- Subscription bonus: 100,000 points if you spent $ 3000 in the first 90 days, plus an additional 25,000 points if spend an extra $ 1000 in the first three months.
- Profit rate: 12 points per dollar spent in Hilton hotels, 6 points per dollar spent in US restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations, and 3 points per dollar spent elsewhere.

- You can get 125,000 points easily and you can use them in all Hilton hotels, especially if they are low level and cost less than 5000 points per night, but if you choose to replace them in a high-end property you can easily use them to get a subscription offer as a card member with various features.
- The highest rate of profit in all cards, you get 12 points for each dollar spent on purchases of Hilton or 3 points if you spend it anywhere else.
- Beginning January 2018 will be an annual fee of $ 95, but will increase its advantages such as foreign exchange fees, and other features.
- With 125,000 points you can spend a wonderful night at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.

3. Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

- Annual fee: $ 85
- Subscription bonus: 80,000 points if you spend $ 3000 in the first three months for you plus another 7,500 points if you add the authorized user and they purchase in the first three months.
- Profit rate: 5 points on each dollar spent in Marriott and 2 points per dollar on each airline ticket purchased directly from the airline and the car and restaurant dealerships, and 1 point for each dollar spent elsewhere.

Marriott Hotels and their partner The Ritz-Carlton have a separate bonus system but if you are a member of Marriott Silver you will get the same privileges whether you are in a Marriott or the Ritz.
- You can get a free night from category 1 to 5 every year on the anniversary of your account.

4. Ritz-Carlton Credit Card

- Annual fee: $ 450
- Two-night bonus at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel 1 to 4 if you spend $ 4,000 through first 90 days.
- Profit rate: 5 points per dollar spent in the Ritz-Carlton and 2 points per dollar on every airline ticket purchased directly from the airline, the rental cars, and restaurants, and 1 point for each dollar spent elsewhere.
- There has been a major update recently on this type of cards provided by that luxury brand, and fortunately, the updates made it much better than before. In addition to offering a better subscription bonus, two free nights if you spend $ 4000 in the first three months you will get over $ 1000 in value and includes membership of the spa - $ 100 discount on local flights paid for 2+ passengers
- Annual travel balance of $ 400 (separate from international entrance fees)
- $ 100 you can use it to eat, spa and other services in accommodation paid for 2 nights or more.

5. Stash Hotel Rewards Visa Card

- Annual fee: $ 85
- Reward subscription: 10,000 points when paying at least $ 1500 during the first 3 months of conquest.
- Profit rate: 3 points per dollar in Stash hotels, 2 points per dollar spent on all hotels, restaurants and gas stations, and get one point on all purchases.
- The current list of the famous chain of hotels includes more than 170 properties and most of them are located in North America.
- Good for budgets that tend to spend in restaurants and gas stations, so this category will get 2 points per dollar.

These are some hotel credit cards and not all cards, but there are more and more of them, but these are the top 5 hotel credit cards we have nominated for you with their advantages, each card has its advantages vary from state to state and from place to another and from card to other. So make the perfect choice for hotel credit cards and tell us about your experience with them.

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